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Game of Life (Pty) Ltd and Game of Life Leisure (Pty) Ltd are accredited members of VOASA

VOASA, previously known as the Timeshare Institute of Southern Africa, was established in 1990 as an organization representing the interests of the respective stakeholders with its primary objective being to “create, maintain and develop an environment within which the long-term viability and growth of vacation ownership through shared vacation ownership can be optimally ensured.” Fundamental to the existence of VOASA, is its ability to self regulate and control the industry in such a manner that the national authorities, via the Department of Trade & Industry, is confident of its ongoing ability to manage and deliver a mature industry that instills confidence within all stakeholders and is positively perceived by the consumer at large. A key contributor to VOASA’s existence is the protection of consumer rights and the stimulation of the ongoing growth within the industry in a positive and organized manner.

VOASA introduced its Code of Conduct, through negotiations with the Department of trade and industry (Business Practices Committee), in which it outlines the intention to govern business practices within the shared vacation ownership industry by protecting the interest of both consumers and the industry and promoting an equitable, negotiated balance between these interests. The Code embraces accepted principles in the industry which is self-regulated, however it does not replace rights or obligations a consumer may have by virtue of any agreement, the common law or any statutory act. The industry has changed considerably over the past 18 years from its original composition of a broad based number of independent developers, managing agents and broker companies, to an industry where an amalgamation of organisations has taken place.