´╗┐Fractional Ownership - Trade-In

Many of our clients invested in either Fractional Ownership or Timeshare in the Bull Market of the early 2000's.

With the changes in the world economy, and the evolution of Vacation Ownership, some of these owners have become frustrated with their investment, often citing the following comments:

Their inability to sell their Fraction or Timeshare Tired of having to go to the same venue over and over again Not utilising their allowance of typically 4 weeks per annum but still paying annual levies

An inability to swop their time-slots with other shareholders Not getting their desired time-slots due to a rotational roster

Game of Life has been able to assist many of these owners by trading-in their fixed-destination Fractional Share or Timeshare in return for Vacation Ownership through membership in our Premier Residence Club.

To find out more about whether your Fractional Share or Timeshare qualifies for this trade-in, please contact