Property Title Ownership


Game of Life (Pty) Ltd is a company focused on being the leading Luxury Leisure Property SOLE-Ownership Specialists.

Q. Are you considering buying your own R4m+ Luxury Leisure Property?

Game of Life specialises in assisting you make this a reality by offering a variety of services:

  • Stock: We typically have stock of superb properties from R4m+
  • Property Selection: Advice on selecting the best estates and destinations with a view to security, capital returns, rental returns and lifestyle benefits.
  • Price: We typically offer properties below market value for buyers willing to partner with us.
  • Tax Refunds: Explore the possibility of getting some tax refund on your acquisition through a rental partnership with us.
  • Property Management: Let us manage your property for you. We can remove some or all of the daily hassles associated with property ownership.
  • Rental Returns: We offer a variety of solutions to meet every owner's needs, from long-term lease to ad-hoc rentals. We cater for your unique demands including personal use.
  • Cost Management: Let us worry about your running costs, while you focus on enjoying your holidays and your investment.
  • Lifestyle Swaps: Why not exchange some time in your holiday house for access to our exclusive portfolio of properties around the country.

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