Loyalty & Referral Program

Member Referral Guide Game of Life’s Member Referral Program rewards our Premier Residence Club Members for introducing their friends, family or colleagues to our portfolio. Promotion

Game of Life is running a promotion until the end of May 2015 whereby all PRC Members can earn up to 10% in tokens for referred buyers of PRC Memberships in this period. Tokens are issued at 5% of the new sale's value if used for Holidays and 10% if used for additonal or upgraded PRC Membership purchases.

Remember the holidays are at Member Rates.... so for every R100,000 purchsed by the referred client, you get R5,000 Holiday Tokens, redeemed at, e.g. less 60%, means a FREE R12,500 holiday at retail rates!

Each time a PRC Member’s referral invests into Game of Life’s Premier Residence Club (PRC) the “Referrer” will receive “Game Tokens” which can be applied as payment towards the member’s holiday usage charges or against any other Game of Life purchase or upgrade.

Rewards To date, Game of Life has rewarded participating Members with over half a million rands worth of free holidays through the referral program.

The Program
Game Tokens can be earned for an unlimited number of referrals and apply for three levels for each participating PRC Member:-

Level1 A PRC Member’s personal referrals
Level2 Their subsequent referrals
Level3 And then their referrals.

The amount of tokens earned depends on the value of the total membership your referral acquires, and their level (1,2 or 3) from you.

For more information on Game Tokens, or to refer a friend, family member or colleague, contact