Zimbali Residence Club

Members of the Zimbali Residence Club get one guaranteed week in the Phezulu Villas per annum for 10 years while enjoying the benefits of NO LEVIES and 50% of the membership cash purchase price back after the membership term. Play the virtual tou of the villa below.

The Zimbali Residence Club 4 offers its Members the following benefits:

1.Exclusive access to a 5 star 442sqm Balinese-style property in the prestigious Phezulu Villas.
2.One week’s seasonal usage per annum for 10 years.
3.Options from fixed peak weeks to flexible high and low season weeks.
4.No levies, only a booking fee.
5.Private concierge services across Game of Life’s Affiliate Portfolio*: this includes unlimited access to a dedicated member liaison to source local and international holidays. *The Game of Life Affiliate Portfolio comprises of a plethora of local and international destinations that members can access at preferred rates of between typically 10% - 40% discount. Members can book into the Affiliate Portfolio with their dedicated Member Liaison who will happily assist with any local and international holiday inquiries. Rates and discounts in the Affiliate Portfolio will vary based on season of travel, destination of choice and size of group. Cash Back At the end of the membership term, i.e. 10 years, members of the Zimbali Residence Club 4 will receive a portion of their membership purchase price back in cash.