Property Management Services

Game of Life Leisure (Pty) Ltd is a company focused on being the leading Luxury Leisure Property Management Specialists.

Q. Do you already own a Luxury Leisure Property?
Q. Why not let us run some or all aspects of managing your property?
Q. Leverage your Investment for Income or Swap Time to other venues?

The Premier Property Management division offers an array of outsourced services for property owners. FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICE "Tired of the headaches?" Outsource all the work associated with home ownership; bills, maintenance, accounting & other services.

PROPERTY SET-UP: Site visit, audit, compliance, inventory check, maintenance & furnishing upgrades ACCOUNTING Establish books, assess costs, receipt incomes pay expenses, tax submission, insurance, audit, AGM, reporting & communications. SUPPLIERS AGREEMENTS Cleaning, garden, maintenance & operations. ON-SITE SERVICES Meet-&-greet, key management, HOA liaison snag lists, general help, inventory checks, service supervision & reporting. RENTAL INCOMES "Not leveraging your asset?" Benefit from a professional rental management service; sales, usage rostering, meet & greet services, cleaning & inventory management. RENTAL & USE SET-UP Specifications, inventory, use guides, maintenance, rosters, facilities & photographs. SALES & MARKETING Design materials, load portals, update rates tables, enable partners & set pricing. TAX RECOVERY "Need some cash-flow?" If you meet several requirements then we are normally able to recover all input taxes incurred in the acquisition of your property. SET-UP FEES Initial Vat Recovery covers all your set-up fees. PROPERTY UPGRADE Funds allocated for maintenance, furnishings & fittings. BUFFER Funds reserved to ensure reduced or no running costs. CASH REFUND Surplus funds refunded to owners in cash ENJOY HOLIDAY VARIETY "Take FREE Holidays all over the Country" If your property meets the requirements then you may be able to swop time for access to the Game of Life portfolio of properties around the Top Estates in South Africa. For more information on Property Management Services and to see if your property qualifies, contact us